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February 22, 2019

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February 17, 2017

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Carb Cycling for Weightloss

January 14, 2018

Today's Fitter Focus Tip is very important to those looking for real weight loss results in the next 21 days! Normally only my private Fitter Focus client's receive these sample meal plans; however I wanted to make this one available to you!


Basic Benefits of Carb Cycling:
⭐Fat burning
⭐Lean muscle promoting
⭐Increase receptiveness to insulin focused on healthy carbs, eliminates bad carbs



👤Coaching Points:

Your low carb days you are typically very fueled from your high days that your body is still burning off. On your low carb days your main focus is fats and proteins for fuel. These items combined with a large amount of vegetables will keep you energized until your next high carb day.  





High carb days create an insulin response that delivers nutrients into your muscle cells, which causes them to grow, all the while replenishing glycogen (sugar) that fuel your muscles. This delivers happy hormones and positive feelings throughout your body as well.


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