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February 17, 2017

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Fitter Focus: Diet And Hypertension

January 9, 2018


Diet plays the key roll in your health and fitness lifestyle, and when it comes to weight loss success it is 90 percent of the process. About 75 million American adults (29%) have a high blood pressure—that's 1 in every 3 Americans. Diet plays an imperative role in both prevention and treatment of high blood pressure. Simple menu choices alongside 35 minutes of exercise 8 times a month can help keep your high blood pressure in check and I am going to give you the sample plan for free! 


This sample meal plan is what experts, as myself, call the "DASH DIET" short for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It is known to help blood pressure levels fall significantly and develops an eating plan low in total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol;  rich in fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products. Results you can look forward to with this diet and 12 exercise routine in the month are reduced blood pressure, 12-pound fat loss and more energy in 30 days. 


Here are the DASH guidelines you can follow in your menu planning:



Please be sure to tag VS2Fitness in your individual results post and I look forward to hear all about your new fitness results!


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